Personal Career Advisor
As a career advisor, Rodi is able to combine her depth of experience in public relations and image making in both corporate America and as a successful independent consultant, with her strengths as a teacher, mentor, and communicator.

Rodi helps people invent -- and reinvent -- themselves, market their strengths, and focus on what they really want. She provides support, encouragement, guidance and motivation to professionals who feel confused, lost or bored about their next career move. She also helps those entering the workforce (out of school or after a break) get into the game and focus on their search for the right fit.

With honesty and no judgments, Rodi is committed to helping her clients. She turns fear into excitement; negativity into optimism; avoidance into action.

She pushes her clients to be accountable for steps that help them find what they are looking for as they enter a new phase of their professional life. The process includes:

• Assessing and evaluating skills
• Rewriting/reworking resumes
• Getting clients to think without boundaries and reach outside of their career comfort zone
• Expanding awareness of oneself and one’s capabilities
• Helping to build a positive, creative and open mindset towards finding new opportunities
• Setting and implementing goals, strategies and tactics
• Working on organizational development, confidence building
• Reinforcing successful interview skills
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