Television, Film & Theatre

• Gables Grove Productions
• The New York Children's Theater Festival
• ImaginOcean (New World Stages, NYC)
• ABC Cable Networks
• Disney Channel
• Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc.
• Sundance Channel
• Guiding Light (daytime drama)
• As The World Turns (daytime drama)
• Little Einsteins (animated series)
• Johnny and the Sprites (live action series)
• My Friends Tigger and Pooh (animated series)
• Power Rangers' Dino-Thunder (animated series)
• Rockstar (Borough Boys Production, Trilogy Theatre, NYC)
• Edward III (Hope Theatre Production, Mint Space, NYC)
• Cityvisions Film Festival, NYC

• The Weird (Wake Up, Marconi!, Manhattan Theater Source, NYC)
• Graceland (New York International Fringe Festival 2004, NYC)
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